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Soul Journey, a Canyon Ranch Meditation

I see your courage, your willingness, your ache to be whole. I can smell it, taste it, feel it.

I watch as you descend the ivory staircase into the depths of your soul.

I hold my breath as you hold yours in anticipation of what lay beyond the circular passage.

Your soft footsteps lead you to an arched wooden door. I pause as you stand transfixed, in awe of this darkly chiseled portal. I feel you behold the door, in all its glory, rich with character, made that much more exquisite with its dents and scratches on full display.

Its intricately carved bits are worn at their edges just enough to expose too much contact, too much guarding, too much pushing, too much muchness.

I lend you strength as you use all of your might to push open that heavy wooden door. As it yields to our collective force, a vibrant garden with bright blossoms of red, yellow, violet and orange is revealed. Delicate shoots of green grass in the distance surrender in waves to the soft breeze.

I fall into step beside you as you impulsively run across the meadow, pigtails bouncing to the rhythm of your stride. I watch you as you stop to retrieve a swirling purple ball. You hold its slippery splendor delicately between your hands, recognizing its frailty and magnificent life force at once.

I stand at your side as you kneel at the water’s edge, letting the ball roll off your tilted palms into the still, dark waters.

The tears of a thousand angels begin to swirl gently, transforming the dark waters into a labyrinth of violet, lavender, and indigo ripples.

As the swirling intensifies, I feel your heart beat wildly in the palm of my own hand now. A pearly white light begins to weave through the silky swirls, as your body glows with the essence of holy peace. Oh holy holy you, full of darkness and light. A seeker of goodness, a sliver of moonbeam, a streak of twilight, an eclipsing pixie angel amongst us.

I hear your soul speak as you begin to acknowledge the power of darkness to transform, uphold, and uplift.

You know now that we cannot appreciate the blazing sunrise without affirming the shadows at dusk. I feel you embrace the truth that our darkness is as much a part of our being as our breath, our sight, and our clumsily, thumping hearts.

I see you look up and away from the pond with joyful apprehension. You break into a sprint, nearly taking flight in stride, as you are pulled to the woman across the field. She’s grounded, open-armed, adoring, alluring, exquisite.

Visible waves of grace, acceptance and authenticity fill the air.

I cradle you as you tumble into her open arms, and together we fall into her womb. You bravely found your way home as the woman in me welcomes her inner child. Together, at last. We are one.


Barbara Anne Klein

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