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Morning Musings


1. Early morning. I’m here. He’s there. The story of our lives. I don’t know why, but I thought it would get easier. The solo days. The singular nights. The truth is, I cherish my independence. The home of the free and the brave may be questionable in our country but it is the rightful home of my soul. Unrestrained freedom. Uninhibited courage. This is the life force that courses thru my veins and puts the thump in my wildly beating heart. But it’s also his life force. It’s our life force. And while time and space does not distance us, I miss his touch. And I know he misses mine. Each hard earned wrinkle on my face reminds me that our earthly journey has a limit. Little by little, crack by crack, we are breaking the confines of our human containers. Time is precious. Success is a state of mind. Twin flames burn brighter together.

2. God is on full display as the sun rises through the fronds of the palm trees outside my door. Floor to ceiling windows give me a front row seat to Act One of the universal theatrics. This is drama of the highest order. Flaming red to pumpkin orange, silvery grey to indigo blue. The colors of our flames. Achingly beautiful. Poetically transformative.

3. My heel is soaking in a salt bath. The sliver of glass is still lodged within me. We are co-existing, this shattered scrap of glass and I. It doesn’t hurt as much as it did when it chose to make my heel its home. Is it time that heals, or is it acceptance? Or is it simply that acceptance takes time? The questions rise with the sun.

4. Notice what you notice. There is a cool breeze rolling through my house. It carries the smell of fresh cut grass. Step aside, Glade. God has her own air freshener.

5. I have a tribe of sisters. We spilled puddles of tears on the mat. We held each other, individually and collectively. We are magic makers and problem solvers, scared little girls and evolved wise women. The depths of our souls were poured into each other’s open palms. We hold the pain and joy of those moments in sacred spaces, tenderly reserved for each other. Our bond is unbreakable. To have and to hold, from this day forth. Every tear, every hurt, every question, our connection is fierce. A dragon slayer, a butterfly, a tender heart, a pixie angel and a sacred truth teller walk arm in arm through a dude ranch…


Barbara Anne Klein

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