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Sacred Curiosity

Coincidentally *or not*, I wrote this on a notepad i found on my bedside table last night right after I had a flashback to my attack to the DAY it happened twenty two years ago. The connection between this piece and that flashback, which felt like it was happening in real time (except this time there was no fear, there was simply a repetitive questioning in me of why humans would do such a thing to another) escapes me but I will let it simmer for a bit. I feel oddly free. Very oddly free.

We need to sense each other as if we are meeting for the first time. Leave your assumptions behind.

See with new eyes.

Listen with new ears.

Love with an ancient heart. How much of life passes us by as we dig deep to figure things out? What senses, in truth, bring us the most sacred joy?

Touch. Taste. Smell.

We don’t chase the taste of gooey apple pie. We find joy in the explosion of its tart tangy sweetness. We don’t smell the perfumed fragrance of jasmine, and audit its blossoms. We don’t command our hearts to thump at the sound of a baby’s laughter. Our thoughts don’t instruct us to embrace the calm that warm puppy snuggles convey.

Suspend your mind, quiet your thoughts, and lean into the vibration of the bird song. Make space for wonder when a heart presses against yours as you are embraced in a welcoming hug. Feel the cool air as you breathe in and notice the warmth of your exhale. Real life is happening on a level far beyond our minds. The cultural belief that our brains drive our level of success or happiness is as misguided as it is arrogant. What if we approached ALL of life as if seeing it for the first time? False narratives steal the grace of our Being. Words are thoughts. Thoughts are words. Both are provisional.

How often do we get told something that we embrace as truth without any validation? How can a truth be real when someone else sees it as false? Why are we so inclined to take another’s words as our truths rather than trusting the only real truth there is?

Resuscitate your soul by leaning into your senses. The flower doesn’t bloom because it thinks it will. The cherry tree doesn’t sweeten the air because it conceives the fragrance. The baby doesn’t project pure love because it thinks it should. If you must think (admittedly, it is at times inescapable), at least transform your judgment into curiosity. Curiosity creates a tender space between our intellect and our consciousness, and is the antithesis of arrogance. Curiosity is the soul’s pathway to enlightened consciousness. We raise our vibration when we answer the call to adventure in this way. The truth of your life resides in the space just outside your thoughts. It is a place miles away from the past, and far away from the future. Truth, in this place, can only be tasted, smelled and felt.

Engage in life with your senses. Quiet your mind. Seek the only truth that remains constant. Take the path of curiosity to get there.

Be your own hero, and meet yourself for the first time.


Barbara Anne Klein

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