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Five Things

1. I’m learning to get out of my own way by standing firmly in the core of my Self. I’m embracing the art of the pause.

I’m making generous assumptions rather than making up stories because... judgment is love without the facts.

2. My circle is widening to allow space between every lie I tell myself. I’m not good enough vs I am worthy of living a passionate life. I’m too much vs I am a spiritual gangster. I’m overly direct versus I am on a mission to change my life with profound spoken truths. Meeting people where they are, allowing for Grace to intercede, speaking truth to power and love to fear.

This is who I am Becoming.

3. I am on a mission to tap into my brain power. A healer (loosely defined) once told me she saw holes in my brain. I later joked that those were simply portals of genius. But the truth is, her words got to me in ways that I am just beginning to comprehend (all those holes, ya know). I used to think that words had power. Now I know my power resides in my thoughts. I create the world I see. I can choose to attach to the good or the bad. I can embrace the possibilities or the limitations. I can be full of holes or full of potential. I choose to stand in the truth that we were created to be all knowing beings. I have allowed my world to frame my intellect. Science indicates we only use 10% of our brains. 90% of our intellectual capacity is untapped, until now…. My immediate goal is to research, absorb and put into practice all the ways that I can expand my knowledge and comprehension of this big, beautiful Universe.

Bringing order to chaos, and transforming holes into holy. And so it is.

4. My son and I are in a meditation of sorts. Ours has historically been an earthly journey of life saving, crisis management. The chaos of our past is transforming into the power of our presence. Our conversations have many scattered pauses. The silence speaks volumes.

Turns out, we are most effective when we walk into our unspoken truths and connect from the inside out.

5. The more I let love lead, the more I attract people who need me. What once was a burden is now a source of joy. What used to exhaust me, now uplifts me.

My joy rests within the space my ego once stood.



Barbara Anne Klein

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